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Can't do the things you imagined with your dog?
Busy life got you feeling you're letting your dog down?Hand over the leash and leave the training to us.

Transform Your Dog's Behavior While You're Away

For puppies, adult, or rescue dogs; individualized attention from a pro dog trainer 

to help them learn new behaviours and create a happier, more well adjusted family member.

Image by Tamara Bellis


Tailored training program designed to meet the needs of each dog, depending on age, breed, training level. Basic obedience training, behavior modification, and advanced skills training available. Includes coaching sessions once per week to transfer skills.

Dog giving a high five


Tell your trainer what your must haves, nice to haves, and lofty goals are! We love a good challenge and to pick apart details in training. Great for anyone with limited time, unique life circumstances, or who just wants things done right.

Image by Jamie Street


Maintaining well-installed behaviours is much easier than learning to train your own dog yourself! Or if you find yourself too busy, easily frustrated, or training is physically demanding.

Let a professional trainer do the heavy lifting!


Initial Behavioural Consultation is required to determine if we are a good fit to work together for Day Training. A full assessment of your dog and goals is needed to formulate a Training Plan. Resources will be provided for home exercises, as well as tracking tools and communication plans.

Book Package

Best Value

Private Day Training



4 Sessions per week - For Dogs with Busy Families

Valid for one month

Build strong foundation, manners, & reduce problem behaviour

Physical exercise through leash walk or decompression walk

Potty, food, and water needs met (no rush home from work)

Clean up of any messes

Tracking of behavioural progress

Photos and videos as time permits

Text communication directly with your trainer for support

Image by Erica Magugliani

"Shannon's expertise is remarkable! Her knowledge, caring personality, and communication skills make her a top notch dog trainer. We were really impressed with how Shannon broke down complex behaviors into bit size information to make it digestible as dog owners. We are continuing to work on our dogs social issues and hope to book more sessions in the future! 100% recommend booking Spot on Dog Training!"

- Rachelle W.

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