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Frequently Asked Questions

Which of your services is right for me?

You can start by booking what you feel is the best fit, and based on our initial consult we will decide together what is the best path for training moving forward.

Is my pet too old to be trained?

No dog is too old to learn "new tricks", so feel free to connect with me for a consultation. It is worth looking into whether you are seeing a new presenting issue, or something that you've just been "living with it" because you didn't know how to approach it in the past. You can always improve your relationship regardless of age!

What is your approach to pet training?

I follow a LIMA framework, which means a "least intrusive, minimally aversive strategy out of a set of humane and effective tactics likely to succeed in achieving a training or behavior change objective (" This means I use mostly positive reinforcement techniques and minimize the use of punishment. This does not mean that dogs cannot learn from consequences, but in most instances we will be shaping the dog to make better choices rather than applying punishment. 

More questions?

Get in touch with me at

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