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Behaviour and Training Services - Packages

Life Skills Pack is appropriate for help with skills like settling, leash walking, off-leash skills, patience and politeness. Behaviour Modification (online or in-person) support sessions appropriate for clients working through aggression, reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding, or fear/anxiety/stress with their pet.

Best Value

Life Skills Pack



Learn the basics at home or chosen public locations

Valid for 2 months

4 Private Training Sessions

Manners and Obedience

Best Value

Behaviour Coaching



For Aggression, Reactivity, Fear/Anxiety/Stress

Valid for 3 months

4 Follow Up In-Person Sessions

Progress Tracking, Video Review, and Support

Customized Training Plan

Initial Consult Required

Best Value

Life skills (2-dogs)



For families with multi-dog households to learn the basics

Valid for 2 months

4 Private in-home sessions

2 Dogs - Manners & Obedience

Best Value

Tails To Trails



2 month membership - 8 group walks per month with an experienced trainer

Valid for 2 months

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