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Choose your pricing plan

  • Life Skills Pack

    Learn the basics at home or chosen public locations
    Valid for 2 months
    • 4 Private Training Sessions
    • Manners and Obedience
  • Behaviour Coaching

    For Aggression, Reactivity, Fear/Anxiety/Stress
    Valid for 3 months
    • 4 Follow Up In-Person Sessions
    • Progress Tracking, Video Review, and Support
    • Customized Training Plan
    • Initial Consult Required
  • Tails To Trails

    2 month membership - 8 group walks per month with an experienced trainer
    Valid for 2 months
    • Life skills (2-dogs)

      For families with multi-dog households to learn the basics
      Valid for 2 months
      • 4 Private in-home sessions
      • 2 Dogs - Manners & Obedience
    • Online Private Coaching

      [ONLINE] Behaviour Modification Training Sessions
      Valid for one month
      • 2 Online Behaviour Consult - Follow Up Coaching Sessions
      • Progress tracking, Video Review & Support
      • Customized Training Plan
      • Initial Consult Required
    • Private Day Training

      4 Sessions per week - For Dogs with Busy Families
      Valid for one month
      • Build strong foundation, manners, & reduce problem behaviour
      • Physical exercise through leash walk or decompression walk
      • Potty, food, and water needs met (no rush home from work)
      • Clean up of any messes
      • Tracking of behavioural progress
      • Photos and videos as time permits
      • Text communication directly with your trainer for support
    • Group Behavioural Support

      Every month
      Convenient connect with your trainer for quick answers, timely guidance, and on-the-spot adjustments
      • Weekly online Zoom sessions with a seasoned professional
      • Private Facebook Group monitored by Behaviour Consultant
      • Resources tailored to your questions shared in group
      • Online collective group of like-minded dog guardians
      • An accessible option for ongoing support
    • Therapy Dog School

      Every month
      Team Up with Your Dog to Make Lives Brighter
      Valid for 4 months
      • 6-week Group Training class to familiarize required skills
      • Kickoff Private 1-on-1 Online Session: Goals & Training Plan
      • Access to private Spot On Therapy Dog Teams Facebook group
      • 1 x month Group About Town classes and field trips
      • Bi-weekly Online Group Coaching for duration of membership
      • Unlimited Video review 5 days a week(post to Facebook group)
      • 2 Mentor sessions once you pass your Therapy Dog exam
      • (Over $1500 Value)
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