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Puzzle Dog:
Mindful, Educational, Unforgettable

Experience the wonder of The Sensory Room! Based on ACE Free Work and Hersenwerk, it's a low-impact, delightful experience for your dog. They'll explore freely, gathering information at their own pace, and forging a deeper connection with their environment. Touch, smell, sight – each element captivates, making it an enchanting journey of relaxation and discovery. Treat your furry friend to this extraordinary adventure and book a session now!

De-Stress Your Dog!

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Image by Jamie Street
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Get $15 Off

When you book both a Sensory Room and the Hersenwerk Seminar

The Details

Hersenwerk Seminar - $65.00

Friday, October 27th, 6:00-8:30PM

Cross Roads Animal Health Centre, Stratford

Sensory Room Experience - $100.00

Select your time between 9AM-4PM 

  • Saturday, October 28thWilmot Community Rec Centre, Summerside

  • Sunday, October 29th, Cross Roads Animal Health Centre, Stratford


What happens in a Sensory Room?

  • Only your dog, yourself, and the Dynamic Dog Practitioner in the room  (+Auditor with your consent)

  • Each dog and their owner will have their own experience in the Sensory Room.

  • Dogs have the time to explore, reset, rebalance, and release.

  • Humans take the time to observe calmly and silently.

  • Dogs may have their collar and/or harness removed for the session (optional).

  • We allow dogs to start exploring at their own pace and make adjustments if needed.

  • During the exploration, we calmly observe and may share our observations.


Who is this for?

Sensory room may activate:

  • taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight

  • proprioception (body position, balance, movement and action) 

  • vestibular (important in maintaining balance).

  • It can also help to improve posture and working muscles through slow, controlled movement.

  • Any dog can participate, regardless of age, reactivity, shyness, disability, or health*

  • It is beneficial for all dogs.

*If your dog is aggressive toward humans this is not a good fit for your dog. If you have any concerns please reach out to us.


What to expect?

  • There are no specific expectations or goals for the session.

  • Dogs may feel excited, overwhelmed, or cautious when entering the room, which is okay.

  • The session ends when the dog indicates they are done.

  • The outcomes of the session can vary and may include both smaller and bigger changes.

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Safe, Inclusive


Puzzle Dog

Our valued partner

Treats are included and a video of your session will be provided afterwards.

Only 1 dog permitted per handler per time slot.

Learn more about Tessa and "Puzzle Dog" at

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Observe a 30-minute session

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Multi-Dog Households

If you have multiple dogs, you will need to purchase a sensory room experience for each individual dog, and EACH dog must have their own individual HANDLER at all times.

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